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matsutoshino's Journal

Hey there~! I'm really bad at doing stuffs like these 'cause I either I don't know where to start or I end up saying a lot of things that goes on and on and on. Well, basically, I woudln't have an account here in LJ if not for my friends who told me to do so. The mere fact that I really really REALLY like JE way back before will not convince me to make this account because, well, I didn't see the point. Well, that was before. You can say that I really loved Arashi, KAT-TUN and other JE groups, that's why I kept my account. I also liked the fact that I can read fanfics that I don't usually read anywhere, well I love to read so it's pretty convincing for me. I also loved animes like Prince of Tennis, Special, Death Note and other animes which made me stay connected to what's already going on with them, that's why I kept this. Well, enough said, I think you got a grip of a part of myself. You can still learn more about me by the posts that I'll be making in the future. :D Though I want to say that acting and dancing are one of the few interests that hit me, that's for sure. :D I also love sports like swimming, Taekwondo, archery, volleyball and a lot more, though I can't really do all of those that I said. Still, I love outdoor sports. :D